Welcome to the PLAYER ZER0 STUDIOS' Project's Homepage!

Since you probably don't know much about me, I'd like to introduce myself.

My name is Mercy aka Zachary and I have been a YouTuber since I was an 8 years old in third grade! A bit young but that channel is gone. So, COPPA can't do anything about it.

Anyways, that's enough about me. So, welcome to the Project's Homepage for PLAYER ZER0 STUDIOS!

I've been through a lot since my last time in this universe on October 20th, 2020 but I don't like to talk about it. So, instead, I'll talk about my ambitions for the rest of my on this planet.

I want to create the best interconnected Omniorverse of anime and live action stories for everybody to watch that could rival the likes of Marvel and DC.

That's all for now! What you do next is completely up to you! I will leave you to it!