This page is dedicated to the PLAYER ZER0 STUDIOS's The Gateway!

The Gateway (formerly known as The Portal Hub) is a location where you can play games, interact with friends, etc.! It is also a place where you can go into one of the portals in the Gateway and go to that game.

Where will the Gateway be found you may ask? Why on Steam of course! This way, I don't have to completely code up a payment system nor an account system and worry about security.

This will be a partial-community driven game where you make mods and you submit it to the forums where you will PM a developer to check through the code for inspection before the developer uploads it to the list of community-given mods. We will eventually provide a mod creation toolkit for the community to use for easier mod-creation. Or at least, that's the idea behind it.

PLAYER ZER0 STUDIOS will also provide mods that will take place in a continuous franchise that initially supposed to be full 3d animations before determining that they should be made into video games under The Gateway's programming!

Also, if I deem a world worthy, I may canonize that world/location with permissions from the creator(s), of course!

So, when it comes out, I hope to have a great time modding all of you wonderful people! For updates on The Gateway's production, join the PLAYER ZER0 STUDIOS Discord server!

The Story of The Gateway:

So, I'm making a massive game but what's the story for it?

I'm glad you asked! The story of The Gateway follows a recently graduated Godi (the plurl version of the Gender Neutral version of God/Goddess of Creation) who was assigned the Paradox SpaceTime for creation when the Godi discovered ruins of this infinite dimensional portal that had collapsed after some major event happened that I am sure doesn't matter but caused the collapse of this once-beautiful gateway that allows for travel between Her Omniverse's universes.